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I have been a suffering diabetic for more than thirty five years ...unnecessarily so! Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity continue to grow. Doctors alone have not been able to stifle the growth of these diseases and conditions. Unfortunetly the Big Pharmaceutical Industry is too focused on profits, and less on the well-being of their patients...so they are not motivated to offer assistance to doctors. For decades we have been misinformed about diseases, nutrition and weight loss...however, as of late, we have proven expert medical opinions that we can eliminate and find solutions and remedies holistically for most of our medical issues. These remedies include the consumption of quality water, exercise and nutritionally balanced meals. For them, the pharmaceutical industry, it's a multi-billion dollar-yearly profitable business and therefore they won't change their business plan because they are profiting tremendous( billions ) amounts of money. The Big Pharmaceutical Industry, instead of targeting the root problems, are satisfied with addressing the symptoms so that we continue to be dependent and buy their drugs and medicine.

Diabetics,obese and cardio patients suffer with severe pain from head to toe...together we can...and will lessen their pain and issues. As a Certified Life and Nutritional Health Coach, I advocate and look forward to working with well qualified and caring doctors, in a complementary manner.. especially by listening attentively, and investing sufficient time with our clients, so that together with our patients feedback we can make proper assessments and come up with the best possible solutions. Certified Coaches are Masters of Healthy habit change. So, subsequently, by assisting clients in changing bad, unhealthy habits into healthy ones. We will strive to accomplish this by removing one bad habit for a good habit... one habit at a time. Also, we will hold our clients, with our guidance, accountable and responsible to execute the plan and agreed to commitments for the betterment of their overall healthy lifestyle. Also, we will follow up weekly, or as the patient requires to help them achieve their goals and thereby, become happier and healthier people. Traditionally, 85% of Diets fail...we will drastically improve the odds for you to succeed. Our plans have been in existence more than 33 years and have the backing of more than 20,000 Doctors.

My objective and key passion is to develop a global team, of like minded people... holistic doctors, nutritionists and health coaches to help eradicate Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity. Together, by spreading the truth about new holistic medicine and solutions presently available, we will help to minimize diabetes related deaths, amputations and damaged nerves (neuropathy)... just to name a few.


We can Help get your health back on track Leave your info for a NO COST Consultation

David Rivera

Certified Life and Health Coach